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Creative writing tuition with a difference

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Should I make this story into a Creative Writing lesson?! 🦀 It would fit really well in my 'Animal Adventures' unit which I haven't taught for a while now. Perhaps we could tell the story from the hermit crab's point of view, showing how it affects them not having a new shell to move into. Or we could design and write a picture book, telling the story of the man who spends his time as a hermit crab estate agent 😅 My 4 year old loved this video when I showed it to her. Do you think your child would enjoy writing about these hermit crabs? #creativewriting #animaladventures #homeeducating #conservation

'The Unknown Island' is another of our fabulous Summer courses! Led by our incredible teacher Charley, (check out her amazing reviews!) children aged 7-11 will: 🏝 Design their very own island 🏝 Use their imaginations and investigate its inhabitants and features 🏝 Use their senses to add descriptive details when writing about their new island I wonder what undiscovered things they’ll reveal?! This course is starting on Tuesday 30th of July at 9am UK. There are currently only 4 spaces available. Booking link is in the comments! 👇🏻 Or get in touch if you have any questions ☺️ #creativewritingforkids #summercourses #homeschooling #homeeducating

I've been teaching some lovely lessons this past week 🥰 Today with my 7-9 year olds we learned all about Mae Jemison, before imagining we were Mae and writing a letter home to her family, the night before her first space mission 🚀👩🏾‍🚀🌌 With my 9-11 year olds, we began writing our "good news" report, about how the mountain gorilla population in Virunga has recovered in the past 45 years 🦍🦍🦍

Here is one of our lovely students who joins Charley's lesson every week from Thailand 🤩 It's so lovely to know that students around the world are benefiting from our lessons! ☺️🌎🌏🌍 #internationalstudents #worldschooling #onlinelessons #creativewritingforkids

I LOVE writing desert island stories...this is a great one to get children's creative ideas flowing! 🌴 How did your characters end up on the desert island? 🌴 Are any adults there, or is it only children? 🌴 What would you do first, try to make a fire, or look for food? 🌴 Which character would be the leader of the group? Who would be good at hunting and foraging? 🌴 Would they be rescued from the island in the end? Or remain marooned for the rest of their lives?! #writingprompt #creativewriting #warmup #ks2english #ks3english

Classes for 11-14 year olds started again this week with our lovely new teacher, Rosie 😍 There are a couple of spaces available due to lots of our regular students taking Summer holidays. Please let me know if you'd like to book a space! #ks3english #creativewriting #creativewritingforkids #englishclass